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Reiki Treatments

WHAT IS REIKI? Reiki means “Universal Energy”, and works on the principle that energy known as ‘chi’ or ‘ki’ flows through the body via energy centres known as chakras. Reiki is a type of energy work, and energy work itself dates back thousands of years and has many benefits. A balanced flow of energy is said to provide a wonderful sense of health and well-being. WHAT TO EXPECT Reiki is a non-invasive therapy. The trained practitioner will use energy flow from their hands to re balance each of the energy centres, working intuitively, whilst the recipient lies on a comfortable bed fully clothed and often in a deep state of relaxation. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Reiki is now very much used as a complimentary therapy, alongside conventional medicine. It helps improve the quality of those living with chronic conditions, Post surgical care and Palliative care. It is a wonderful support for those suffering such conditions as: • Fibromyalgia • Multiple Sclerosis • Depression • Anxiety • History Of Substance Misuse, as Reiki encourages the body’s natural healing abilities and works on a physical, emotional and mental level. Come and experience Reiki for yourself and invest in you! Appointments are 1 hour. £30 Book 4 Full Healing Sessions for £99 and save £21