£25.00 Per Session

MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION, LIFE COACHING, COUNSELLOR Julie is a qualified integrative counsellor, Life Coach and Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, registered with The Federation Of Holistic Therapists. Julie brings all her expertise and skills together to help you improve your overall well-being. Julie specialises in Stress, Depression and Anxiety. HOW CAN I HELP YOU ? Together we can find solutions and better ways to manage difficult life situations. I will share with you valuable techniques and strategies to promote your emotional and physical well-being. WHAT IS MINDFULNESS? Rather than dwelling in the past, or the future Mindfulness offers a way of ‘living’ in the present, where you have the power to make changes that are affecting you. We live in a demanding world, often sinking underneath todays daily pressures of high technology and fast paced life, often leaving us exhausted and over whelmed! We cannot necessarily change society BUT we can change how we participate in life and how we deal with the challenges and emotions that come up. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MINDFULNESS? • Decreased stress and anxiety • Improved overall health • Better sleep • Improved focus and clarity • Better relationships • Higher satisfaction and contentment in life ....and the list goes on!