I’m so grateful the universe gave me Julie to be my reiki teacher. I completed my reiki master with her this weekend. I feel blessed to of had her to myself all weekend :) She is so insightful.
Thank you beautiful soul 

Kimberley Power

I've attended the first and second level of Reiki with Julie and I'm so grateful for the openness that I received.. It deepened my everyday life..
It's kinda magic... Thank you for sharing this mystery with me
Received the attunement for the third level as well!!Julie is really a special person was an amazing weekend! Thank you so much !!!!!

Stefania Zanini

I attended the vision workshop with Julie on Saturday.
A beautiful and insightful day. Lots of food for thought and will definitely he attending further workshops in the future.
Thank you Julie x

Louisa Morgan

I had a reiki session with Julie today. It was an amazing session. Julie has a loving healing energy. I cannot wait for the next one. Thanks very much Julie

Corinne A Lavis

Brilliant reiki 2 course. Julie made me feel really welcome to the group. Someone at work said I was glowing the next day and wondered what had I done at the weekend! Thank you xx

Zoe Alexandra

It was a pleasure learning and spending time with Julie. She is a great teacher with a very warm and welcoming presence which made me feel comfortable to open up from the very beginning. Julie carries with her a very positively charged attitude and peaceful healing energy which immediately had an effect on my personal state and outlook.

Thank you so much for the help and guidance and hope to stay in touch!

Ana-Maria Sretic

I attended a Vision board workshop by Julie. It was a wonderful day, full of reflection and inspiration. Julie made us all feel incredibly comfortable and welcome

Annette Hardman

Just finished my level 1 and 2 reiki this weekend with the wonderful Julie. I have had a very profound and inspiring experience and am looking forward to the journey ahead. A beautiful experience that I will carry forward. Lots to think about. So happy that Julie has entered my life. I feel very honoured to have had this experience and to have entered the reiki community. Thank you

Sarah Faraday

Attended one of Julie’s vision board workshops on Saturday, it was extremely interesting and great fun. Met some lovely people and it was nice to catch up with Julie again. Would recommend. X

Mandy Monton

I attended the vision board event on Saturday, it was absolutely fantastic, I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next chapter. Thoroughly recommend.x

Angela Sutherland

I attended the vision board workshop today and met some great people facing their own challenges. Julie was very welcoming and supportive throughout the workshop. I am very thankful and had the pleasure of meeting her today and a great inspiration. Thank you Julie x

Bharti Patel

Cannot thank Julie enough for the work she does , i always go to Julie for reiki when I can and she makes me feel so much better in myself

Whatever I’m going through, no matter how much pain I hold she always makes me feel like myself again and more after every session 
100% would recommend to anyone

Kara Dunn

I have done Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Julie. She is such a beautiful soul and I am so glad to start this journey with her. She made everyone feel so comfortable and I am so grateful for her guidance. My life has changed so much since I have completed both certificates. This really is a life changing experience. Thanks so much Julie

Holly Jaye

Due to my wife's illness, who was also in attendance on the reiki 1 day, members of my family and I were taught reiki by Julie. We had a very positive time learning together which allowed us all to start the healing process. Reiki training was a powerful, memorable and emotional experience under Julie's expert guidance. Thank you very much Julie 

Paul Regan

I just want to thank Julie for the level 1&2 reiki courses. So much love & energy in each group. Beautiful

Shauna Harvey-Stringfellow

 thank you for your knowledge and guidance

llona Szubert

Great Vision Board workshop today!

Debbie  Flitcroft