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Law of Attraction Workshops

What is it and what can you expect?

The Law of attraction is based on the concept of 'like attracts like', where thoughts, feelings and actions used in a precise way can lead us to create, attract and achieve our best life and destiny.

Julie uses vision boards to aid and support the information she shares, enabling you to tap into your limitless potential and feel confident in yourself and your journey.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a process of using pictures, photographs, words and affirmations that resonate solely with you and what you want out of life. The things you include on your board fill you with excitement and passion and relate to your greatest and deepest desires and feelings. Doing this helps you to bring light and attention to your goals and visions enabling you see them more clearly and positively.

Science has now confirmed the effectiveness of seeing your goals and desires daily. It is proven to forge new neural pathways and strengthen your brain and heart to help attract and manifest more powerfully.

There are many celebrities who have used the law of attraction and vision boards to great effect such as Katy Perry , Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carey. 

In this workshop Julie will share with you the tools and insight dating back from the Ancient mystery schools, Whilst also explaining and giving examples of the latest scientific research supporting it. 


This is one of Julies most popular and well attended workshops, you can see some reviews from previous attendees on the testimonials page. 

If this is something you feel will help you and interest you, please feel free to contact and leave your details. This will reserve and secure your place. 

Due to high demand this workshop is now available in the style of a home party for 8+ people.

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